Bihar Train Tragedy: CM Nitish Kumar Announces Rs4 Lakh Ex-Gratia for Deceased Families
Bihar Train Tragedy: CM Nitish Kumar Announces Rs4 Lakh Ex-Gratia for Deceased Families

Bihar was shaken by a train accident that claimed multiple lives. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has stepped forward to provide a helping hand to the affected families by announcing an ex-gratia relief of Rs. 4 lakh, according to the Bihar Chief Minister's Office (CMO).

The disaster unfolded on the night of [Date], when the 12506 North-East Express, originating from Anand Vihar Terminal in New Delhi and destined for Kamakhya near Guwahati in Assam, derailed at approximately 9:35 PM near Raghunathpur station. This tragic incident took place in the vicinity of Buxar, located within Bihar's Danapur division of the East Central Railway. Shockingly, 21 coaches were involved in the derailment, resulting in a devastating scene.

Union Minister of State, [Minister's Name], expressed his gratitude for the local community's support in the rescue operation. He commended the swift response of the residents who abandoned their daily routines to lend a hand, saying, "It is a terrifying scene. I thank the locals for their support in the rescue operation... Thousands of people left all their work and rushed here to help."

Reacting to the news, [Minister's Name] wasted no time and immediately informed various concerned departments, from the railway ministry to the Prime Minister's Office. As rescue operations swung into action, hospitals were put on alert to receive the injured, ensuring a prompt and effective response to the crisis.

For those seeking information or assistance related to this unfortunate incident, the Station Superintendent of Kamakhya Railway Station, AK Sinha, announced the availability of a dedicated helpline: 0361-267-4857.

On a more optimistic note, Union Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw reported that the evacuation and rescue operations had been successfully concluded. He reassured the public by stating, "Evacuation and rescue are complete. All coaches checked. Passengers will be shifted to a special train soon for their onward journey."

Meanwhile, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has assured that his government is closely monitoring the situation, providing additional support and oversight.

This unfortunate incident comes just a little over four months after a devastating triple train accident in Odisha's Balasore district in June. In that incident, three trains, namely the Coromandel Express, a goods train, and the SMVT Bengaluru-Howrah Superfast Express, were involved in a catastrophic collision. Tragically, this accident resulted in the loss of 296 lives, with 176 people sustaining severe injuries, 451 individuals with minor injuries, and 180 receiving initial first-aid treatment.

Bihar Train Accident LIVE Update: 4 Fatalities, 80 Injuries as North East Express Derails


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