'I will open Nawab Malik's poll today': BJP leader Haji Arfat Shaikh

Mumbai: Aryan Khan drugs case in Mumbai is witnessing day-to-day tension. Every day, some leader or the other is coming out with big revelations. Now the matter has taken a completely political turn and now politicians are seen accusing each other. Nawab Malik has been making shocking revelations in the past and now Maharashtra BJP leader Haji Arfat Shaikh is scheduled to hold a press conference today amidst all this. He is about to open the pole of NCP leader and Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik.

You all must be aware that minister Nawab Malik and former CM Devendra Fadnavis in the Maharashtra government have been entangled since the cruise drugs case came to light in Mumbai. At present, the game of counter-allegations between the two is going on. When Nawab Malik once again accused Devendra Fadnavis last Wednesday, BJP leader Haji Arfat did not stay away and has hit back at Nawab Malik. In fact, Haji Arfat Shaikh told a famous website that "Nawab Malik has started the picture but we will end the flick.'' He also said, "Nawab Malik's mental balance has deteriorated and he needs immediate mental treatment.''

He further said, 'My brother Imran Shaikh has a photo with Nawab Malik. He is involved in his marriage. They cut cakes on his child's birthday. These are all pictures. I don't have a bomb, but I'll open Nawab Malik's pole.' Now it will be interesting to see what Haji Arfat Shaikh exposes today?

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