BMW 3 Series EV to debut in 2025 based on Neue Klasse platform, Check More Specs
BMW 3 Series EV to debut in 2025 based on Neue Klasse platform, Check More Specs

BMW, the German luxury car manufacturer, is developing a new vehicle architecture specifically for its forthcoming electric vehicles. According to a report by Autocar UK, this EV design, dubbed Neue Klasse, will arrive in 2025 and the first car to be built on it will be an electric 3-Series. Internally, the upcoming electric BMW 3 Series car is named NK1.

It is expected to have new electric motors and a long-range battery with a range of 700 kilometres. In addition, the electric car is said to be built using a variety of environmentally friendly components. Other new battery electric vehicles and internal combustion engine-powered versions will be marketed alongside the electric BMW 3 Series. The German automaker aspires to become an all-electric brand and to achieve carbon neutrality during its production process.

Several BMW concept cars have hinted to the company's future electrified vehicles. The I Vision Circular idea is one such model. This idea from BMW demonstrated how sustainable materials may be utilised in vehicle manufacturing. The BMW 3 Series is one of the brand's most popular vehicles globally. The introduction of an all-electric 3-Series is projected to boost BMW's market position in the worldwide EV industry.

The Neue Klasse platform will eventually take the place of the present FAAR and CLAR technologies. It would provide a consistent foundation for BMW vehicles, allowing for greater production flexibility. According to BMW, the Neue Klasse will usher in a new era for the company. This design is said to permit the German manufacturer to manufacture electric automobiles varying in size from a 2 Series sedan to an X7 SUV.

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