Bollywood union claims Films are hiring foreigners, Indian losing Jobs in Film Industry
Bollywood union claims  Films are hiring foreigners, Indian losing Jobs in Film Industry

The crew plays very important role in the films and it also employs thousands of people. The making of film requires various people from Technicians to spot the boy.  The union of these people is disappointed with Bollywood as they are hiring foreign people for various works.  The majority of foreigners are being hired from countries like the UK, Russia, and Uzbekistan to name a few.

 According to Bollywood Union, "We all know that Indian film and advertisement industries are ranked first in the world as far as the number of films produced per year is concerned. The annual turnover is pegged at USD 2.7 billion. Indian cinema is composed of various regional language film industries employing a large number of people.”

A union further added, “Why employing foreign crew should not be banned the way Pakistani actors and technicians are not allowed to work in the Indian film industry.” Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) chairman Ashok in a interview said, "The hiring is done by producers. Unfortunately, our people are losing employment opportunities. Almost 90 per cent of foreigners working in the Indian film industry are working illegally without proper work permits." 

He further said, "We had complained to Mumbai Police many times about this issue (foreigners working illegally) but they didn't take our complaint seriously and failed to act. I have faced four FIRs (First Information Reports) when I raised these issues for the betterment of our workers. At least three lakhs workers are members of the FWICE in various capacities. We fight for their rights.”

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