Short video app Bolo Indya launches 'Bolo Meets', Know features

Oct 28 2020 11:34 AM
Short video app Bolo Indya launches 'Bolo Meets', Know features

Bolo Indya, the short video making app, has announced the launch of Bolo Meets on its own platform. The consumer will get the support of Bolo Meets in the Bolo Indya app itself. No separate app will have to be installed for this. Bolo Meets is specially designed like Google Meet and Zoom app, from where consumers will be able to connect with their followers through video calling. Most of the 10 people can be added to video calling at one time on this Bolo Meets app.

Creator-partners in the form of Bolo Meets will get an extra feature on this platform, allowing them to create exclusive skill-based services and market it to their followers base. Discussions with a particular person can be done through private video chat rooms. The company claims to be the first app to provide this type of facility, where through this app, Creator-Partners can direct marketing of their special content-based services to their follower base. The platform currently has more than 6.5 million subscribers, including 2.8 million creators. The platform is available in 14 languages. Bolo Meets is expecting a 300% increase in the number of creators by March 2021 with its special service offering.

The company claims that through Bolo Meets, Bolo Indya consumers will be able to learn a lot through online video calling from consumers possessing special skills. Famous categories that are most sought after on the Bolo Meets app include astrology, fitness, music, dance, instruments, comedy, personal finance, relationships and mental wellness. To participate in this session of taking the service of Personalized Astrology, an average ticket of at least 100 rupees has to be taken. If a person wants to learn a language or dance on this platform, then he may have to spend up to Rs 5000.

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