Instagram to alter the nudity policy, warm welcomed change

Oct 27 2020 03:07 PM
Instagram to alter the nudity policy, warm welcomed change

A Black British plus-sized model campaigned to end discrimination and ensure all body types are treated fairly by the social media. Following the campaign, Instagram will update its policy on nudity. This update will help to end the discrimination. Her campaigning reached tremendous victory, which forces Mark Zuckerberg’s social media empire to admit a discriminatory flaw in its policy is no small feat.

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In an exclusive interview, the Instagram and its parent company Facebook made the announcement to alter nudity policy after Black-British Plus sized model Nyome Nicholas-Williams accused them of removing her images showing her covering her breasts with her arms betrayed "racial biases" in its algorithm. The company said it would now allow pictures of women holding, cupping, or wrapping their arms around their breasts, adjusting previous guidelines that led to the removal of some such images on the grounds they were pornographic. An Instagram spokeswomen has said It may take some time but we are committed to getting this right. The feedback from Nyome helped us understand where this policy was falling short, and how we could refine it. Nicome welcomed the decision and she will monitor Instagram to make sure the guidelines were implemented. 

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Instagram apologized last month to Nycome for removing her picture, and assured it would update its policy, amid global concern over racism in technology following the global Black Lives Matter protests this year. Indirect answer to racisim, Instagram said  "Separate to this policy change, earlier this year we committed to broader equity work to help ensure we better support the Black community on our platform". 

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