Brazil Independence Day; know History and more

On September 7th, Brazil celebrates its independence, or Sete de Setembro as they call it there! If the Portuguese monarch died or went back to Portugal, the Regent Prince, Dom Pedro, son of Dom Joo VI, was given the power to reign. Dom Pedro took over after his father left for Portugal in 1821 and eventually swore allegiance to Brazil. On September 22, 1822, Brazil's independence was formally proclaimed (although now Independence Day is celebrated on September 7).

The monarchy persisted the following independence until it was eventually deposed. Brazilians are displaying their patriotism by waving flags and banners in the streets during today's celebrations. Additionally, there is singing and dancing with family and friends. Brazil, viva!

Over the past 35 years, the Brazilian community on Cape Ann has expanded, primarily in Downtown Gloucester. Currently, more than 4,000 Brazilians reside in Cape Ann and operate local eateries, hair salons, shops, and cleaning services. During this afternoon celebration, eat salgadinhos, practise capoeira, and create your own Brazilian flag.

According to Miranda Aisling, director of education and engagement at the museum, the free celebration on Sunday attracted roughly 600 people, 200 of whom went inside the Pleasant Street location of the museum. The afternoon's activities included free face painting and balloons, live music by Vidinha de Balad, photographs by Sergio Osiro on view inside the museum, a Capoeira MdP performance, a jiu-jitsu demonstration by DF Fitness at City Hall, and images by Sergio Osiro on show.

For more than 35 years, Cape Ann's Brazilian community has been expanding, primarily in the downtown area. More than 4,000 Brazilians reside in Cape Ann, according to data from Action Inc. Many of them have opened local eateries, hair salons, shops, and cleaning services.

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