Brazil President sacked Health Minister after dispute on lockdown
Brazil President sacked Health Minister after dispute on lockdown

Brasília: Every country in the world is facing this crisis, meanwhile Brazil President Jer Bolsonaro sacked his country's health minister amid the epidemic. There was a rift between the two leaders between dealing with the coronavirus and enforcing the lockdown, after which the President removed the Health Minister.

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According to the news agency Reuters, President Jer Bolsonaro was upset with the decision of the governor of the provinces for the lockdown, it was causing huge damage to the economy. But on the other hand, Health Minister Luiz Mandetta was supporting it and saying that his priority is to deal with the coronavirus. In his address, President Bolsonaro said that the Health Minister did not pay attention to the economy, because of his lockdown, Many people lost their jobs.

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He said that at this time it is not just corona disease, but the falling economy is also a disease, so there is a need to pay attention to both. The coronavirus crisis in Brazil has increased in the past few times, so far, more than 30 thousand cases have been reported here, while around 2000 people have lost their lives.

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