Pandemic will return with cold! Corona attack may occur again in November
Pandemic will return with cold! Corona attack may occur again in November

Beijing: The whole world is vulnerable to the coronavirus epidemic. Coronavirus has caused havoc in most countries of the world. No effective vaccine has been devised so far to prevent this dangerous virus, meanwhile, Chinese experts claim that the coronavirus may attack once again in the month of November.

China and other countries can also fight with the deadly infection of the coronavirus for the second time. Once again this infection can spread in China in the month of November. The situation has gradually become normal in China, life is back on track. Experts say that the world's second largest economy can once again face the Corona crisis. Scientist Zhang Wenhong, who is spearheading the Shanghai clinical team working against the corona epidemic, says that the virus that causes furore in countries needs to be closely monitored. Where the whole world is trying to combat this dangerous virus, the virus may emerge again in November. It can begin once again with a cold start.

However, Zhang Wenhong also says that China's experience of dealing with the coronavirus will serve to prevent infection for the second time. There will be no need to repeat the lockdown at such a large level, the situation will be handled. However, this work will have to be done at the initial level.

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