BREAKING! Elevator Plunges in Greater Noida Under Construction Building, 4 Dead
BREAKING! Elevator Plunges in Greater Noida Under Construction Building, 4 Dead

Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh - A harrowing incident unfolded on a fateful Friday in Greater Noida, as an elevator within an under-construction building plummeted, resulting in the tragic loss of four lives. The calamity struck in close proximity to a prominent statue situated within the sprawling Gaur City.

This devastating accident transpired within the premises of a building being developed by the renowned Amrapali Builders in the area, falling under the jurisdiction of the Bisrakh Police Station. It stands as a somber reminder of the perils often associated with construction work, where lapses in safety can have fatal consequences.

Regrettably, this is not an isolated incident within the city of Noida. Merely a month prior, a 73-year-old woman met her untimely demise when an elevator in a high-rise building in Sector 137 experienced a catastrophic free fall. The police investigation revealed that the elderly woman had been alone in the elevator at the time of the incident, but conflicting accounts from residents hinted at the presence of a child alongside her during the tragic descent.

The location of this previous incident was the Paras Tierea society, a towering edifice soaring 24 floors into the sky. The elderly woman had been a resident of the 8th floor, residing there with her son and daughter-in-law. The ordeal was a grim reminder of the critical need for stringent safety measures and maintenance checks in high-rise buildings, given the severe consequences that lapses can bring about.

As the community mourns the loss of four precious lives in the recent elevator accident in Greater Noida, questions surrounding safety standards and the need for thorough investigations loom large. It is a stark reminder that safety must always be paramount in construction and building management, as the cost of neglecting it can be tragically high

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