Bride calls off wedding after groom fails to recite table of 2

May 09 2021 06:20 PM
Bride calls off wedding after groom fails to recite table of 2

India has this strange obsession with arranged marriages. In our country it’s seen that every parent wants to see their children get married. In a recent development, a groom who was about to get married, got rejected by her bride.

The incident happened in the Dhawar village of Mahoba district in Uttar Pradesh. The groom reached the wedding hall with Baarat, but had to return without getting married. The bride was extremely suspicious of his educational qualification and so she asked him to do a simple task. The bride asked with him to recite a table 2 in order to get married. The groom was unable to recite the table and as a result, the marriage was called off. The wedding venue was filled with family members and relatives. The bride asked the groom to perform the task right before the garlands could be exchanged. She simply walked out of mandap, refusing to marry. Even the bride’s family was left in shock to know about the uneducated groom.

Both the families struck a compromise and mutually called off the wedding. The police did not lodge a case after both parties struck a compromise.

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