Marriage breaks due to 5 lakh rupees, yet bride and groom have become one
Marriage breaks due to 5 lakh rupees, yet bride and groom have become one

Ranchi: A strange case is coming to light from Ranchi in Jharkhand in which a marriage broke for Rs 5 lakh took place in the temple at the initiative of the society. In fact, a few days ago, the marriage of Vikas Verma and Kaushalya Devi of Gausnagar, who were present in Kantatoli, was broken for Rs 5 lakh demanded in dowry. When the matter came to the notice of the local people, they discussed with the people of the bride and groom's side and resolved the dispute.    

The locals arranged the marriage of Vikas and Kaushalya in the hill temple. In front of the entire society, the groom Vikas and his family took a pledge to keep the bride with full respect and not to take any dowry. After the marriage, the marriage certificate was given by the temple committee. Subsequently, Vikas and Kaushalya applied for marriage in court.  

Arrangements for food for the procession were made by the bride's family. On May 14, when rs 5 lakh was not received in dowry just after Jayamala, the groom's side created a lot of ruckus in the wedding. On the sudden demand for dowry, the bride had angrily refused to marry. A few days later, the groom's side also realized their mistake and set an example and got married in the hill temple. This marriage has been the topic of discussion in the entire region. The bride and groom and their family are also very happy after this wedding. The newly married couple says that they want to give a message to the society not to take dowry. Now the elders of the village are wishing the bride and groom all the very best for a new life.

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