Sister buys a suit of Rs 100, brother beat her to death

Aug 14 2019 01:08 PM
Sister buys a suit of Rs 100, brother beat her to death

Nowadays cases of crime are disturbing everyone. One such case that has come to light is from New Delhi. In this case, just before the defence bond, a brother in the country's capital treated his sister in such a way that you could be shocked to hear. The case is being described as Dwarka area. According to reports, a 17-year-old brother beat her sister to death for buying suit. 

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His brother is said to be ill and so angry that his sister was hit hard and then he pierced the sister's eyes. In the end, the merciless brother, in a blood-stained condition, locked the sister in the room and escaped. The case further stated that at the same time, some members of a team of colleagues of the Ittifaqan Delhi Women's Commission's 'Women's Panchayat Programme' rushed to the spot and somehow got the injured girl admitted to the Trauma Centre at Safdarjung Hospital. According to a report that came to light in the case, it has also come to light that the accused also mistreated the team of the Delhi Commission for Women who had reached the spot.

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There have also been reports that the parents of the victim were not present at home when the accused denied the incident and they were both gone to Bihar these days. It is also reported that the accused had done a similar shocking act some time ago with his younger sister of 8 years.




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