This holy story must be heard on the day of Buddh Pradosh Vrat
This holy story must be heard on the day of Buddh Pradosh Vrat

Monday is called the day for Lord Shiva's fast, but today due to Wednesday Pradosh Vrat is being called Buddh Pradosh Vrat. Fasting and worshipping on this day fulfill all desires. Now, today we have brought to you the story of Buddh Pradosh Vrat that you must read or listen to.

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Budh Pradosh Vrat Katha - A man's marriage took place. Two days after the wedding, his wife went to her home. After a few days, the man went to pick up his wife. On Wednesday, when he returned with his wife, the in-laws tried to stop him saying Wednesday was not auspicious for his farewell. But he didn't obey and walked with his wife.

The wife was thirsty when she reached the outskirts of the city. The man took the container and went in search of water. The wife sat under a tree. A while later, the man returned with water and saw his wife laughing with someone and drinking water from his pot. He got angry. When he got closer, there was no place for his surprise. The man's appearance was the same as him. The wife also got into thinking. Both men started quarreling. The crowd gathered. The cops arrived. They were also surprised to see the men.

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They asked the woman, 'Who is her husband?' she became ectoderm. Then the man prayed to God, "Oh my God! Protect us. I made a big mistake that I didn't listen to the mother-in-law and took my wife off on Wednesday. I will never do it in the future.'' As soon as his prayer was completed, the second man disappeared. The husband and wife have reached their home safely. From that day onwards, the husband and wife began to fast regularly and felicitously.

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