Always buy a Matka (Clay Pot) from this fair for good luck

Aug 05 2019 04:46 PM
Always buy a Matka (Clay Pot) from this fair for good luck

In our country, you will find many beliefs and practices. There are many mysteries in the country that are still unresolved, though people do believe and follow them. One such belief is that of the ancient Shaktipeeth Rajeshwari Mata Temple located in Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh. that people have been assuming for years.

Buying Matka does not make up for lack of funds.

The temple has a fair every year in the month of March and it is a fair of matkas. Whereas there is a fair of earthen matkas, which contain a wide variety of earthen matkas. At the same time, there is a belief that it is very important to take clay matka from this fair. At the same time, people say that taking matka from the fair is considered auspicious and at the same time buying pottery and filling it up, the house is rich throughout the year. There is no shortage of anything in the house and hence people buy matka from here.

pottery fair

A shopkeeper here points out that apart from matke, jug, pans, earthen embroidery, children's toys, etc., are also made by the locals who are very fond of it and the local Kumbhkars also take their various clay items and matki and participate in the fair. You will find other items besides matke.

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