Husband save his wife's life by fighting with shark
Husband save his wife's life by fighting with shark

Sydney: For every woman, her husband is a hero, one person in Australia has proved this to be true. This person saved his wife from dying by fighting with shark, the sea's most dangerous creature. According to media reports, the incident is from the Shelley coast of Port McRean in the province of New South Wales. According to the report, husband and wife (Doyle) were enjoying surfing on the Shelley coast. Meanwhile, a shark about 6 and a half feet long held Doyle's leg in its jaw. She fell into the sea from the surfigboat.

Not only this, the husband did not have any weapon, but he jumped on the shark without fear and started hitting its head with a box. Reports chief executive Steven Pearce said the husband continued to attack the shark's head until it released Doyle. He brought his wife out of the water, where he was given initial treatment and then taken to a large hospital for further treatment. Doyle had a serious leg injury, but her condition is fine. Pearce, while raising the person, said that in the true sense he has done a lot of bravery. The beach was closed after this incident.

A similar accident took place in Uttarakhand, India in the year 2019. An 11-year-old girl in the village Vekundai of Birkhal block in Pauri district saved her 4-year-old brother's life. For which she started fighting with the leopard. In the meantime, she continued to stick her brother to the chest and blow the leopard. The leopard also gave up in front of the child's courage but in this war the child was seriously injured. Rakhi, who fought with leopard, was awarded the National Bravery Award, while showing indomitable courage to save her younger brother's life.

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