What is cancer and how it starts, know symptoms
What is cancer and how it starts, know symptoms

Having a disease like cancer can be fatal for anyone. On hearing the name of this disease, the hands and feet of people become loose and many people lose their senses. Today we are going to tell you the symptoms of this disease. Many people have this symptom, then they ignore it and cancer becomes dangerous. If patients pay serious attention to the symptoms and treat them as soon as they are known, then cancer can be cured. So let's know the symptoms of cancer today.

What is cancer - There is a continuous division of cells in our body and this is a normal process, on which the body has complete control. When the cells of a particular body part of the body are not in control and they start growing abnormally, it is called cancer. As cancerous cells grow, it emerges as tumors (lumps) but not every tumor has cancerous cells but the tumor which is cancerous, if it is not treated, it spreads throughout the body. goes.

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How it starts - Cancer is started by changes in the genes of the cell. Changes in the gene happen on their own or not, due to some external factors, such as tobacco, viruses, ultraviolet rays, radiation (x-rays, gamma rays, etc.). Usually, the immune system kills such cells, but sometimes the cancer cells dominate the immune system and then the disease turns the person on its side.

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Symptoms -
- If fever, acidity, etc. are common problems, but even after doing the medicine, they are not getting cured, then get a cancer test done.
- If bleeding during menstruation is 8 to 10 days instead of 4-5 days, then see a doctor once.
- Oral cancer can be caused if the tongue repeatedly stutters and gets used to tobacco, cigarettes.
- If there is a persistent cough, mouth sores, continuous bleeding from teeth, then these are also signs of oral cancer.
- If there is bleeding in urine, it can be a symptom of prostate cancer.
- If there is a lump in the body that is growing rapidly, then keep in mind that usually there is less possibility of cancer cells in the lumps, but if there is no pain, then the fear increases.
- Rapid weight loss is said to be the most characteristic symptom of cancer.
- If you sweat at night in the winter, then cancer can happen, the same happens with heart patients, see a doctor.
- If there is repeated bleeding while forming a relationship, see a doctor.
- If there is any physical problem and it is not happening again and again, then see a doctor.

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