Cancer fighter made a new record by traveling thousands of km in 9 days alone

Nov 18 2019 07:12 PM
Cancer fighter made a new record by traveling thousands of km in 9 days alone

AHMEDABAD: Gujarati-origin Solo car driver Bharulata Patel Kamble has covered 9000 km in 9 days in the Arctic Circle from London to Nordcap and back again. The record of fixing this trip in 95 hours has been recorded in the name of a group of 5 women. He has made a new record by traveling this journey in 91 hours. Interestingly, Kamble has also won the battle in the battle of cancer.

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Earlier, Bharulata Patel has reached India in 57 days by passing 32 countries from the UK and covering a distance of 35,383 km. Bharulata has said, "Of course it was a challenge for me - first of all, the bad weather and the temperature fell to -40 degrees. With the road closed for many hours, I had no choice but to drive for 24 hours. Bharulata said that he had learned to drive on snow-covered roads and to repair and first aid the car in bad weather.

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He also took a crash course in hypothermia and frostbite due to traveling alone. He also kept warm blankets in the car. In his journey, the 900 km route was inside the Arctic Circle. He said, 'It was a difficult challenge because I wanted to inspire others and tell them that cancer is not a death sentence. I wanted to raise awareness about Gynic cancer among Indian women. '

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