Pak Pakistan successfully conducts test launch of surface-to-surface ballistic missile

Nov 18 2019 05:05 PM
Pak Pakistan successfully conducts test launch of surface-to-surface ballistic missile

On Monday, Pakistan tested the surface-to-surface Shaheen-1 missile. This missile is capable of hitting all types of weapons on the target. It can hit 650 kilometers. The Pakistani army has given this information by issuing a press release. Earlier, Pakistan had successfully tested the surface-to-surface ballistic missile Shaheen-2. Shaheen-2 is capable of hitting 1,500 kilometers. In its JD, there are major cities of India.

Regarding this missile, it has been told by the Pakistan Army that this launch was conducted as a training exercise. Its purpose was to test the operational readiness of the military's tactical force command. This test of Pakistan has come out after the nightly test of Agni-2 by India. Agni-2 is a medium range missile capable of surface-to-surface hitting. It is capable of hitting up to two thousand kilometers.

For your information, Let us tell you that Agni-II has already been inducted into the Indian Army. If we look at the figures, for the first time the night trial of the ballistic missile Agni-2 was carried out. Many countries in Pakistan, China and South Asia have come under the spell of this missile capable of nuclear attack. Pakistan news agency report has written that Pakistan has done this missile test amidst the ongoing tension in India and Pakistan.

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