Cardamom as the lead, Indian Spice exports touch INR 10,001.61 crore in April-August period
Cardamom as the lead, Indian Spice exports touch INR 10,001.61 crore in April-August period

Large shipments of chilli, cumin and turmeric, spice exports from India touched Rs 10,001.61 crore in the April to August 2020 period, a growth of 15 per cent from Rs 8,858.06 crore in the same period last year. Compared to the total export of spices 4,94,120 tonnes in April-August 2019 , the total export of spices rose to 5,70,000 tonnes in terms of quantity during April-August 2020, a release said.

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Kochi-headquartered Spices Board says,Chilli continued to be the most exported spice with a shipment of 2,10,500 tonnes, fetching Rs 2,876 crore. Cumin followed next with a shipment of 1,33,000 tonnes valued at Rs 1873.70 crore registering a 30 per cent and 19 per cent increase in quantitative and value terms respectively. The spice that recorded the maximum growth in terms of quantity and value was small cardamom. It contributed to the overall exports during the period, rising 298 per cent in value terms and 225 per cent in quantity. During the current year, 1300 tons of  small cardamom valued at Rs 221.50 crore has been exported as against 400 tons valued at Rs 55.69 crore during the same period of last year. 

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Ginger registered a remarkable growth of 107 per cent in quantity by shipping 19700 tonnes globally. A total of 79,000 tonnes of turmeric valued at Rs 704.10 crore was exported all over the world registering a growth of 37 per cent in quantity and 35 per cent in value terms. Due to Demand for immunity-boosting spices shot up amidst the COVID pandemic. The Spices Board said the export of fenugreek, coriander and other seed spices such as mustard, aniseed, dill seed, etc., grew substantially contributing to the spices export basket in the period. The exports of fenugreek grew by 46 per cent in quantitative and 43 per cent in value terms with a shipment of 13,200 tonnes. Coriander saw an increase of 14 per cent in quantity and 23 per cent in value terms with a shipment of 22, 750 tonnes fetching Rs 192.12 crore. Nutmeg and mace recorded a 41 per cent increase in quantity and a 33 per cent increase in value with an export of 1,275 tonnes valued at Rs 56.37 crore. Spices oils and oleoresins along with spices such as celery, tamarind, saffron and others shared a significant part in the spices export basket of April-August 2020.

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