What Should Non Engineering Student Do?

Jan 23 2017 01:08 PM
What Should Non Engineering Student Do?

There is vast field in education for the students to opt for. The students are not concerned only about the stream they should choose but also to what career choices they must make after the graduation. This dilemma is more prevalent among the students belonging to the art and science department i.e. the non-engineering stream. As compared to previous time the situation is changes and there are large numbers of educated people which have increased the completion. Such a scenario puts up a big question in front of the non-engineering students.

Focusing on brighter side

Non engineering students should stop worrying and put their effort in getting admissions in the prestigious institute like IIMs through CAT and other entrance exams.

These B-schools have started admitting non-engineer students into their system. They want better diversity among the students who join their institution. The students are awarded extra point if they receive calls from IIM. This makes the admission of non-engineering students easier in other institutes as well.

Having Faith in them

Most of the non-engineers doubt themselves that whether they are capable of competing with the engineers or not. They should completely get rid of this thought and put all their effort. Some times they may even do better than the engineering student. An engineering student has a very streamlined way of solving the problems where as the non- engineering students develops a very non linear way of solving problem during their education which works in their favor.

Pioneering in verbal ability in CAT

The students who feel lack of touch with the quantitative section of CAT should focus more on the verbal activity. The questions asked in QA section of CAT comes from basic mathematics of class 8 and 9. Focus better on them will make easy to crack the CAT. They should properly utilize the semester break and study with the proper plan.

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