Cargo ship carrying thousands of luxury cars sunk in Atlantic Ocean, loss of millions

New Delhi: A cargo ship carrying thousands of luxury vehicles capsized in the Atlantic Ocean recently. On February 16, a ship Felicity Ace, which was on its way from Germany to the USA, caught fire, after which a ship full of vehicles sank at sea. The sinking of this burning ship has caused a loss of more than 1100 crores.

According to the report, both electric and non-electric vehicles were being carried in the Felicity Ace. The ship that caught fire on February 16 was also loaded with luxury cars like Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini. According to the company's insider, about 4,000 cars belonging to the Volkswagen Group were being transported to the USA in the ship that sank.

The captain of the same sea ship said that the fire in the ship occurred when the lithium battery of an EV caught fire. In a statement, the Navy said that after the fire in the ship, all the 22 crew members onboard the ship have been rescued by the Portuguese Navy and the Air Force and taken to the hotel safely. At the same time, the ship has been left to swim alone in the sea without any crew member. This is not the first time Volkswagen cars have been immersed in the ocean. Earlier in 2019, there was a fire in Grande America. In that case also, 2,000 luxury cars like Audi, Porsche were submerged in the water with this ship.

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