Chandigarh University Video Leak Case: Army man accused in the case,  Blackmailed multiple women
Chandigarh University Video Leak Case: Army man accused in the case, Blackmailed multiple women

On Friday, Chandigarh Police said that Sanjeev Singh the arrested man and an accused in the case has blackmailed multiple women in the past in the Chandigarh Video leak case. Sanjeev Singh was an army man by profession. He was arrested in connection with the Chandigarh University video leak, has blackmailed multiple women in the past.

Police had earlier claimed that the mobile number being used by Sanjeev was where the female student, accused of leaking videos of other students, shared her private videos. With the help of this number, which is also mentioned in the FIR pertaining to the CU case, police managed to retrieve some data, establishing that he blackmailed other women as well.

According to a police officer, “His number is flagged as ‘scammer’ in a social media app. We also found a few comments and allegations by the app users, claiming that they were blackmailed by the person using the phone number.”

Meanwhile, Sanjeev refuted the allegations of blackmailing the female student. Claiming that he was in a relationship with her, he said she herself shared her personal videos with him. Co-accused Pankaj Verma withdrew his bail plea on Friday. According to his counsel Harvinder Singh Johal, Pankaj will file a fresh bail plea after adding more arguments to prove his innocence.

Chandigarh University Video Leak Case

On September 18, a news came as a shock as  it was reported that multiple nude videos of female students of University were recorded while they were taking a bath by the accused female student of the University, who would then allegedly send the videos to his friend Sunny Bhatia from Shimla.  Initially, the Police and University denied that videos of other students were sent but while present the three arrested accused in the case, it was revealed videos of at least one other student were recovered from the mobile of one of the accused men. The team of police also recovered some screenshots of WhatsApp messages where one of the accused was allegedly blackmailing her for the videos. After this everyday there is a new update in the case.

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