Chennai engineer showed his ability, discovered Vikram Lander in three months

Dec 03 2019 03:51 PM
Chennai engineer showed his ability, discovered Vikram Lander in three months

About three months after the launch of India's ambitious project Chandrayaan 2, the debris of Vikram Lander has been seen. The biggest role played by this is played by a Chennai engineer. Shanmugam Subramaniam found the wreckage of Vikram Lander using NASA photographs. Please tell that after hitting the lunar surface, contact of Vikram lander was lost with ISRO. Shanmugam Subramaniam is a mechanical engineer and computer programmer who works at Lennox India Technology Center Chennai. Shanmugam, a resident of Madurai, has also previously worked as a program analyst at Cognizant.

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In his statement, he studied the photographs taken by NASA's Moon Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) on September 17, October 14,15 and November 11 for weeks and identified the debris. After identifying the wreck, Shanmug wrote to NASA about his discovery. After this, NASA took some time to study it and confirmed their discovery. NASA Deputy Project Scientist (LRO Mission) John Keller wrote to Shanmug - thank you that you emailed us about the discovery of the wreck of Vikram Lander. Our team confirms that there is a difference between before and after pictures of the location of the landing. After getting the information, the team investigated the area further and it is announced that on the basis of NASA and ASU page you are credited for this discovery.

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NASA released a statement in October, stating that they did not find the Chandrayaan-2 lander in the latest photo from the orbiter. NASA said that at the time our orbiter took the picture, the lander might have been hidden in a shadow. A NASA project scientist had said that our orbiter had taken a photo of the Chandrayaan-2 Vikram landing site on October 14, but there we could not find any such picture in which the Vikram lander could be seen. Please tell that Vikram Lander had made a hard landing on the moon's south pole instead of soft, due to which he lost contact with ISRO.

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