Mahaparva Chhath is starting from 31 October, collect this material today
Mahaparva Chhath is starting from 31 October, collect this material today

Mahaparva Chhath is starting from 31 October. In this way, in this festival, the Sun and the Chatti Maiya are worshipped, and in these days, people observe the fast for children. Let us tell you that women start preparations for Chhath Puja a long time ago so that this festival can be celebrated to the fullest. 

Let us tell you that the material of Chhath Puja is special and women make a list of these materials in advance so that they can be collected as soon as possible. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you what things are needed in Chhath Puja. If you know now then you will collect these materials before the fast. Let us know the content of Chhath Puja.

Chhath Puja Ingredients -

To keep offerings in this puja, buy two big baskets of bamboo. After this, a glass, a lota and a plate for milk and water. Now 5 sugarcane, which has leaves and sweet potato. Take pan and betel nut with it and take green plant of turmeric, radish and ginger. Now take the big one with sweet lemon, custard apple, banana and pear and water coconut and sweet. After this, take rice, vermilion, lamp, honey and incense and take jaggery, wheat and rice flour. With this, get yourself new clothes such as suits or sarees. After taking all these ingredients, start your worship.

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