Goddess Chhath likes these 5 fruits very much, must offer on the occasion of Chhath Puja
Goddess Chhath likes these 5 fruits very much, must offer on the occasion of Chhath Puja

You gonna be all know that the feast of faith Chhath starts today. In such a situation, people have started preparing to keep their favorite things in worship to appease the goddess Chhath from today and everyone is busy in worshiping her. At the same time, if you want to receive the blessings of the goddess Chhath, then during the puja, do not forget to include these 6 fruits in your puja plate. Yes, today we are going to tell you about those 6 fruits which are kept in the worship of mother and why keep them.

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Coconut- Let us tell you that offering coconut in Chhath Puja is considered very important because coconut is considered to be the form of Lakshmi. With this, no animal or bird can eat it, that is why it is said to offer coconut in worship.

Banana- It is said that in addition to coconut, goddess Chhath also likes a banana in fruits and banana is considered to be the favorite fruit of Lord Vishnu. In such a situation, many people break the banana raw and cook it in the house so that the animals and birds cannot eat it.

Sugarcane- It is said that offering sugarcane in Chhath Puja brings happiness and prosperity and due to the toughness of the outside of sugarcane, animals and birds also do not eat it.

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Dabh Lemon- Let me tell you that it is bigger in size than a normal lemon and its taste is sour-sweet.

Betel nut- It is said that betel nut like other fruits is tough from outside and for this reason it is considered very auspicious for worship.

Singhara- You must know that in Ayurveda, Singhara is considered to be curative and powerful and the cover of this fruit is also thick, due to which birds are not able to make it false and goddess Chhath likes it.

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