Chhattisgarh Assembly Polls: Amit Shah Unveils BJP's Manifesto for Chhattisgarh
Chhattisgarh Assembly Polls: Amit Shah Unveils BJP's Manifesto for Chhattisgarh

Raipur, Chhattisgarh - Ahead of the upcoming Chhattisgarh Assembly Elections, Union Home Minister Amit Shah took the stage on Friday to unveil the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) comprehensive manifesto tailored for the state's election journey. Dubbed "Modi Ki Guarantee 2023" for Chhattisgarh, this visionary document signifies a pivotal commitment to the state's welfare, as declared by Amit Shah himself.

In the vibrant city of Raipur, Shah directed sharp criticisms at the Congress party, alleging that Bhupesh Baghel, the incumbent Chief Minister, is akin to a "prepaid Chief Minister" serving the interests of the Congress establishment. Shah remarked, "Bhupesh Baghel is laboring to convert Chhattisgarh's treasury into an ATM for the brothers and sisters in Delhi."

Key Highlights from the BJP's Manifesto:

Transforming Chhattisgarh into a Thriving State:
The BJP pledges to usher in a new era of progress, striving to turn Chhattisgarh into a fully-developed state over the next five years.

Empowering Married Women with Mahtari Bandhan Scheme:
Under the Mahtari Bandhan Scheme, the BJP government promises to provide married women with an annual grant of Rs 12,000, extending crucial financial support to families.

Boosting Employment Opportunities:
Through a robust recruitment drive, the BJP envisions creating jobs on a staggering 1 lakh positions over the next two years, addressing the state's employment needs.

Incentives for Tendu Leaf Collection:
Tendu leaf collectors will reap significant rewards, with the BJP offering Rs 5,500 per bag. Additionally, an extra incentive of Rs 4,500 will be provided to those who contribute extra sacks.

Affordable Healthcare with Ayushman Chhattisgarh Scheme:
The Ayushman Chhattisgarh Scheme ensures accessible healthcare by offering Rs 10 lakh to all beneficiaries, prioritizing the well-being of Chhattisgarh residents.

Expanding Healthcare Access with "Jan Aushadhi" Centers:
The BJP plans to establish 500 new "Jan Aushadhi" Centers, enhancing access to affordable medication and healthcare services.

Transforming CGPSC Examinations:
CGPSC examinations will be modeled after the prestigious UPSC, ensuring a fair and transparent selection process. The party commits to investigating any past irregularities.

Supporting Small-Scale Enterprises:
Small-scale enterprises will receive a boost with a generous loan offer of Rs 10 lakh, enabling entrepreneurship and economic growth.

Empowering BPL Girls with Rani Durgavati Yojana:
The Rani Durgavati Yojana will provide Rs 1.5 lakh to Below Poverty Line (BPL) girls upon reaching adulthood, empowering them to pursue their dreams.

Affordable Gas Cylinders and Free Bus Travel for Girls:
The BJP aims to provide gas cylinders at the affordable rate of Rs 500, making cooking more accessible. Additionally, free bus travel for girls will ease transportation burdens.

Promoting Religious and Cultural Tourism:
The party will facilitate free visits to Ramlala for underprivileged individuals, fostering religious and cultural experiences.

With "Modi Ki Guarantee 2023," the BJP has set a comprehensive vision for Chhattisgarh's future, encompassing economic development, social welfare, and transparent governance. As the election season unfolds, these promises will play a pivotal role in shaping the state's destiny.

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