China made a big change in the figure of casualties due to corona
China made a big change in the figure of casualties due to corona

Beijing: China on Friday changed the statistics of deaths due to coronavirus infection. After the change in the number of deaths in Wuhan, Hubei, it has now increased to 1300. The infection originated from Wuhan in December. Information provided by news agency Xinhua said that now the number of deaths has increased by about 40 percent across the country after this change.

There are now 4,636 deaths due to Coronavirus infection in China. Many countries have expressed apprehensions over the number of dead due to coronavirus reported by China's National Health Commission (NHC). Government figures were questioned on behalf of Britain including the US. The number of dead in Wuhan has now risen from 2,579 to 3,869.

However, China's foreign ministry has defended these figures. The Foreign Ministry said authorities have conducted a statistical investigation of deaths from the coronavirus epidemic to ensure veracity. It is an international process and should not be questioned. According to the ministry, the coronavirus deaths have never been hidden.

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