China built world's highest bridge, trains and vehicles can run together
China built world's highest bridge, trains and vehicles can run together

Beijing: Whenever China makes something that is the largest or the smallest. In such works, the whole world has accepted the mastery of China. Now China has made the world's highest bridge, which will be opened to the general public on the first day of New Year. On this, both vehicles and trains will be able to run simultaneously, because this bridge is a double-decker bridge.

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This amazing height bridge is named Pingtang Bridge
The main tower of this bridge, called Pingtang Bridge, is 332 meters high. That is about 1090 feet. There are mainly 3 towers on the bridge. These towers are connected by cable.

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Its total length is 2,135 meters.
This bridge is built on the valley of the Kaodu River flowing in Guizhou Province. It connects Pingtang and Luodian Expressway. Its total length is 2,135 meters. That is about 2.13 km. There are tunnels on both sides that connect the expressway with the bridge.

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Highspeed train will run on this
A high-speed train will be operated between Pingtang and Luodian on this bridge itself. With the running of this train, the journey between Pingtang and Luodian will be reduced from 2 and a half hours to 1 hour. With this, the line of highspeed trains in Guizhou Province will be 7000 km.

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