Farmers find unique way to increase yield, crop growing in bulb light
Farmers find unique way to increase yield, crop growing in bulb light

Beijing: Farmers have adopted a unique approach to increase dragon fruit production in Nanning city of Guanxi Province, China. In the winter season, the crop is being lit by lighting LED bulbs when the sky is not clear. So that the yield can be increased. Giving the information, head of Pin Li Farm, Zhi Shu said that due to the fall in temperature, crops do not get enough light (sunlight).

This adversely affects crop yields. For this, farmers here have planted more than one lakh yellow and pink LED bulbs in the fields to light the crops, which keep on burning all night. Actually, farmers here grow fruit named Dragon Fruit and currently its crop stands in about 150 acres of fields. At this time, fruits and flowers have started growing in the crop and now they need a lot of sunlight to bring the crops towards good yield.

While the natural sunlight on the crop is not getting due to the winter, farmers have to light the crops through LED bulbs. They believe that this technology will definitely benefit them.

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