Coronavirus may attack China again
Coronavirus may attack China again

Beijing: Everyone is troubled in the present day due to the problem of Coronavirus continuously increasing for the last several days. Due to the outbreak of this virus and the pandemic, many people are getting infected every day. While the death rate due to coronavirus is increasing continuously. Today, more than 3 lakh 13 thousand people have lost their lives due to the virus. Even now, it cannot be said openly how long the virus will get rid of and when the situation will improve. About eight thousand people living in a city in northeast of China have been quarantined after the cluster infection of Covid-19. This has been done in the wake of a laundry woman being infected and spreading infection to 11 other people in the city of Shulan in Jilin province, northeast China. Local officials there say that this case has increased the risk due to corona from low to medium.

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According to media reports, four cases have been confirmed in Jilin. China's official news agency Xinhua has reported that as of Friday, a total of 121 locals had been infected in the province. One of which died and 92 people were discharged from the hospital. The scope of nucleic acid testing has been expanded due to confirmed cases in the city of Shulan. Nucleic acid samples of 13,166 people were collected and 6,195 tested in Jilin from Thursday to Friday. The number of cases of Covid-19 has decreased in China in the past, but new cluster infections have given rise to the possibility of second wave of infection. The National Health Commission (NHC) said in a statement on Saturday that eight new cases of Covid-19 have been reported on May 15 in China. A large-scale investigation has started in Wuhan city from where the outbreak began. China's National Health Commission (NHC) said that out of the eight confirmed cases of Covid-19 that surfaced on Friday, six are people who are from outside.

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Wuhan city officials said that for the first time after April 8, all residents are being tested for coronavirus due to cluster infection. The lockdown was removed from the city. The Reuters report said that many people standing in the queue did not appear to follow social distance and neither did any officer insist on this.

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