Business resume in 'Mortal Market', China opens wet market from where corona spreads
Business resume in 'Mortal Market', China opens wet market from where corona spreads

Beijing: China's transition from Wuhan to Corona spread all over the world. The seafood market here revealed the first case of coronavirus. The wholesale market, which trades live animals, has opened up again. The only difference is that its place has been changed. This cleverness of China, which considers business more valuable than human's life, can be overshadowed by that and it an cause new danger for the whole world.

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The city of Wuhan in China, from which the Coronavirus spread worldwide, has since opened. But now that market of death has also opened which caused havoc in Wuhan and gradually spread the virus of death all over the world. China has now reopened that market in Wuhan which was closed on January 1 after Coronavirus infection increased. In this market, people who deal with live animals are putting their shops back. The only difference is that the market is far from the former.

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The market that is stained with the spread of the coronavirus is named The Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. But the Chinese government has now changed the location of this market. The government has now combined the Huanan Seafood Market with the North Hancou Seafood Market. That is, there are two seafood markets in one place. Living crayfish and shellfish are found in this market in Wuhan. Along with fish, crabs and other animals have also come here in large numbers.

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