Border dispute: China to deploy missile in Lipulek, site built near Mansarovar lake
Border dispute: China to deploy missile in Lipulek, site built near Mansarovar lake

New Delhi: Amid the growing deadlock in India and Nepal, China is engaged in leverage. Seeing the right opportunity, China instigated Nepal to harass India and is now trying to put pressure on India through transcripts. According to a report, China is in a mood to deploy the missile in Lipulek. These missiles are capable of rapid air strike. Not only this, China has also started construction of the site along the Mansarovar lake so that the missiles can be deployed.

It is worth mentioning that there is tension between India and Nepal regarding the script. China is taking advantage of this tension. China has prepared both Pakistan and Nepal against India by pressurizing their false friendship to pressurize India and is now engaged in taking out its work under the guise of that friendship. In this regard, Open Source Intelligence Analyst 'DetResFa' has posted a satellite image on Twitter. It wrote that China is engaged in building missile bases in the Tri-Junction area of Lipulekh.

If sources are to be believed, China has also deployed troops on the script. The Chinese army is also seen in the area of 100 km. It is also seen that China has started construction for the missile on the banks of Lake Mansarovar. However, it is not yet known what type of missiles they are and the number of them. But because this area is close to the Indian border, there is a danger on India.

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