Comparing PM Modi with Ambedkar, musician Ilaiyaraaja, brother said - will not take back the statement
Comparing PM Modi with Ambedkar, musician Ilaiyaraaja, brother said - will not take back the statement

Indian film composer Ilaiyaraaja remains the subject of headlines these days. The reason is to praise PM Narendra Modi. Now he is also being criticized for this, while some people have also come in his support. Now Telangana Governor Tamilisai Sundararajan and Union Minister of State L Murgan have also supported Ilaiyaraaja. The Governor of Telangana raised the question whether it is true that some people who sowed the seeds of politics of hatred in Tamil Nadu have also condemned the great musician Ilaiyaraaja. That too because he has compared the Prime Minister of India with Babasaheb Ambedkar. Is it engaged in criticizing him for sowing the seeds of politics of hate in Tamil Nadu?Tamilisai Sundararajan questioned whether freedom of expression is allowed only selectively.

Addressing Tamil Nadu, he wrote that we say loudly that Ilaiyaraaja has been given complete freedom of expression. Wake up Tamil Nadu.  Along with the Governor of Telangana, Union Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting L Murugan also criticized the hate speech against Ilaiyaraaja and DMK has been blamed on Twitter. He asked what is the crime of Ilaiyaraaja sir. It's just that they have a different point of view. The Union Minister of State tagged DMK's Twitter handle and wrote that DMK and its eco-system are not liking Ilaiyaraaja's approach. L Murugan wrote in support of Ilaiyaraaja that the Constitution of India allows him freedom of expression. By rejecting Ilaiyaraaja's view, the DMK has also shown its anti-Dalit and anti-constitutional nature. Music maestro Ilaiyaraaja's brother has said that he is not going to take back his remarks made on PM Modi. Ilaiyaraaja's brother Gangai Amaran has said that after seeing the growing criticism he went to talk to Ilaiyaraaja, to which Ilaiyaraaja replied that he was not going to take back his comments.

Gangai Amran has said that Ilaiyaraaja said that I will not take back the tune made for a film because nobody liked it and likewise I will never take back my remarks about Prime Minister Modi. Continuing his point, Gangai Amaran has said that I had gone to meet him after seeing negative posts going on on social media. When I tried to show him those comments, he refused to even take a look and said that Prime Minister Modi has brought many schemes for the welfare of the poor. I read the book and decided to just give my views. Why should I worry? Everyone has the right to have their opinion.

What is the matter?: Ilaiyaraaja has compared PM Modi with BR Ambedkar in the foreword of a book. The book 'Ambedkar and Modi: Reformers Ideas, Performers Implementation' published by Bluecraft Digital Foundation was launched on Ambedkar Jayanti (April 14). In the foreword to the same book, Ilaiyaraaja wrote, 'Many comparisons have been made in the book between the personalities of Dr. Ambedkar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Both brilliant personalities have found success against those evils.


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