Concerns Over Selection Panel of UP Metro to pick up as Race for MD begins

Speculations on Kumar Keshav's replacement are rampant following the managing director of Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation's retirement today. People are anxiously awaiting and watching for the results of the interviews of 24 applicants held in Lucknow last week due to the number of government employees vying for the top position at UP Metro.

Durga Shankar Mishra, the chief secretary of Uttar Pradesh, who previously served as secretary in the government of India's ministry of housing and urban development and as chair of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, is in charge of the search committee for choosing the next managing director of UP Metro. Mangu Singh, a civil engineer and former managing director of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, is a member of the selection committee.

Ashwini Kumar, the organization's executive director for civil works, and Pramit Garg, its director for business development, are among the top contenders. Sanjay Mishra, director of UP Metro Corporation, is a third candidate for the coveted project's leadership position. In addition, the three candidates were chosen by the two most important members of the selection committee or collaborated closely with them. All three of them have similar academic backgrounds in civil engineering.
Given the connections between members and candidates, it is anticipated that the search committee will need to provide a convincing justification for their choice in order to dispel any claims of a conflict of interest. According to observers, Mangu Singh and Durga Shankar Mishra ought to have withdrew from the UP Metro selection process to allay any concerns among the stakeholders. After all, both Shri Mangu Singh and Durga Shankar Mishra have previously chosen these candidates for their respective positions.

An example of a mass rapid transit system is the UP Metro, which serves more than 30 lakh people in Lucknow. One of the largest and most expensive infrastructure projects undertaken by the UP government has as its mission "to create and provide quality services to the inhabitants and visitors of Lucknow, known for its rich culture and Tehjeeb through a World Class Mass Rapid Transit System that is convenient, safe, fast, reliable and cost-effective."

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