Congress's 'govt' is being formed after 15 months: Kamal Nath

Bhopal: Kamal Nath has warned the administration about the elections to municipal bodies and panchayats in Madhya Pradesh. He said that after 15 months, the Congress government is being formed from the front. At the same time, the BJP has also reacted strongly to the issue of Kamal Nath's warning to the officers. BJP state president VD Sharma hit back at the Congress.  

In Madhya Pradesh, the BJP and the Congress are now putting their full foot forward in the elections to the urban bodies. Congress has alleged that in these elections, the BJP will take advantage of power and organisation and try to become a winner in the election of the municipal leaders. The Congress party is afraid that the BJP may resort to power and start running the administration on its own. Keeping this in mind, Kamal Nath, who has become the face of the Congress in Madhya Pradesh, is warning and advising the administration.  

Former CM and Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee President Kamal Nath issued a statement in this regard. Kamal Nath said that it is the primary responsibility of the administration to conduct the elections in a fair, free and transparent manner. Kamal Nath said that the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh, which is standing on the foundation of immorality, cannot be expected to have purity and morality and the possibility of it misusing the administrative machinery by putting undue pressure on it cannot be ruled out. Kamal Nath said that in the next 15 months, there is going to be a change in Madhya Pradesh and the Congress government is coming among the people of the state. Keep in mind that time changes and at the same time, it is given to him who has stood firmly with the truth. The administrative machinery should conduct the elections fearlessly and fairly.

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