Corona wreaks havoc worldwide, death toll increases in Europe
Corona wreaks havoc worldwide, death toll increases in Europe

Paris: The outbreak of Corona on one side and the threat of epidemic on the other side is becoming a crisis for the people. Even if you somehow escape from Corona, it is difficult to avoid the epidemic. Due to the coronavirus being hit every day, thousands of lives are being thawed. On the other hand, due to this virus, several lakh people have been infected today. So far more than 70 thousand people have died in the whole world due to the corona epidemic, but Europe is the most affected by it. So far, 50,209 people have died in the continent from this disease while 6,75,580 people are infected. Italy has the highest number of deaths at 15,877, while Spain has 13,055 lives. 8,078 people died in France and 4,934 in Britain.

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According to the information received, 637 people have died in the last 24 hours in Spain. This is the fourth consecutive day when the number of dead has decreased in one day. Last Thursday, maximum 950 people died in a single day. New cases of infection have also decreased. Now it has become 1,35,032 at the rate of 3.3%. An official of the Health Ministry said that 40 thousand people have been discharged from the hospital so far. This is 30% of the total infected people. With the number of dead and decreasing infection cases, the Spanish government is beginning to consider how to provide relief to the public from the lockdown.

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The lockdown was declared on 14 March in Spain, which has since been increased to 25 April. The government is planning to identify and test such people, who are corona infected, but are not showing any symptoms. The government has appealed all people to wear face masks in public places to prevent infection.

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