Corona could not be controlled in Britain, new game of politics started
Corona could not be controlled in Britain, new game of politics started

London: The havoc of Corona, which is increasing day by day, has also become an epidemic crisis for the people. Everyday, a new case of coronavirus comes to the fore, after which there is increasing panic among people about this virus. Not only this, but the outbreak of this virus has also increased so much that more than 1 lakh 34 thousand deaths have taken place worldwide. And due to this virus, seriousness is spread all over the world today.

According to the information received, in the UK these days the virus is getting very much more havoc. With the increasing panic among people due to this virus every day, fear of epidemic is also becoming an enemy of human life. Due to this virus, the crisis of people is also increasing due to the growing epidemic.

Politics about Corona in Britain: Politics has started in Britain for not being able to stop the Corona epidemic in time. Leader of the opposition Labor Party, Keir Starmer said, 'I think in the beginning we should have taken fast decisions. We did not learn anything from the steps taken by the leaders of the European Union. Starmer said that the PM took tough steps when a survey revealed that two and a half lakh people could be killed by this disease. He said that according to official figures, 12 thousand people have died in Britain so far. However the actual figures may be much more than this.

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