Goa: 348 new cases of Covid-19 surfaced in last 24 hours

Corona is taking the lives of people all over the country in the grip of its infection. Due to this virus, many innocent people are losing their lives all over the world today. Not only this, the entire country has been affected due to Coronavirus. It is also being said that many other villages have also been affected.

Today 348 new cases of corona in Goa: 348 new cases of Covid-19 in Goa have been surfaced. 173 people have become healthy so far. After which the number of total infected in the state has been 7423, out of which 2072 cases are active, 5287 people have been cured and 64 people have been killed.

Today 1166 new cases of corona in Rajasthan, 13 deaths: 1166 new cases of Covid found in Rajasthan, and 13 people have lost their lives. Today 1017 people also recovered. The total number of cases in the state has crossed 47 thousand. Out of which 33,849 people have been cured, 13251 cases are active and 745 people have gone so far.

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