Corona case surging sharply, Kejriwal said- 'Not a matter of concern...'

New Delhi: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has said that Corona is increasing rapidly in Delhi. Corona cases are jumping every day. But there is nothing to worry about and panic about. On December 29, 923 cases of the corona were registered in Delhi. Thereafter, 1,313 cases came on 30th December 1,796 cases came on 31st December. But as soon as the new year started, suddenly there was a big jump in the numbers.

On January 1, 2,796 cases were reported in Delhi, whereas January 2 means 3,100 cases are being reported in today's report. Meaning, the cases which were less than two thousand on the last day of the year, their figure has now reached above three thousand. Chief Minister Kejriwal said that there are 6,360 active cases in Delhi. 3 days ago there were 2,291 active cases. Active cases have increased three times in three days.

He further said that on December 29, corona patients were admitted on a total of 262 beds and on January 1, only corona patients were admitted on 247 beds. This means that those people who are getting sick from Corona do not need to go to the hospital. All are suffering from mild symptoms. Kejriwal told that today only 82 beds of Pranavayu patients are admitted. This number has remained the same for the past several days. There is no patient coming who needs oxygen. Whereas today 37 thousand corona beds are being prepared. He told that 0.22% of the beds are filled, 99.78% of the beds are vacant. When the wave came in April, what was the condition compared to today? On March 27, the active cases in Delhi were 6,600. Due to that, 1,100 beds of oxygen were filled, today there are patients on only 83 beds.

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