Corona’s new variant ‘Omicron’ wreaks havoc in Britain, community spread started

More than 38 countries in the world have reported cases of new corona variants of Omicron. The first detected variant in The Africa is also receiving very fast cases in the US, UK, Europe, India. Omicron's community spread has started in the UK. Many people here are getting infected with the new variant of corona even without travel history. UK Health Minister Sajid Javid said in Parliament that 336 cases of new corona variants have been reported in the country. It has also seen a community spread in England. So far, 261 cases have been reported in England. While 71 cases have been reported in Scotland, 4 cases have been reported in Wales.
Sajid Javid said, "There are many cases that have no travel history. We have come to the result that community spreads are being seen in many places in England. We are not leaving anything to luck. He said, "When scientists around the world are collecting news about the new variants, we plan to strengthen our defence in front of the new variant of corona in due course of time.

However, Javid also referred to data released by the UK Health Protection Agency, in which experts have expressed the possibility of Omicron threat being lower than the delta variant. He said, "It is also not yet clear how severe the infection is and the impact of the vaccine on it. So we can't say for sure whether this variant will derail us of recovery or not. From Tuesday, a non-red list in the UK, whether vaccinated or not, will have to report a negative report PCR 48 hours before it arrives in the UK.

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