Corona patient rushed out of hospital ambulance to drink tea

Jul 03 2020 05:52 PM
Corona patient rushed out of hospital ambulance to drink tea

A very strange case has come out of Bengaluru. The 73-year-old man walked out of the hospital to drink a cup of tea. After this, the people around him became afraid of that person. According to the information, this matter is of Wednesday morning. An elderly man admitted to a hospital who was infected with the coronavirus reached the nearest tea stall to drink tea.

This elderly man was discharged from another private hospital on Tuesday. At night he came to know that he is Corona positive. He was then taken to Mysore Road Hospital. But due to lack of beds, he waited in the ambulance for three hours. Around 5 am, he demanded tea from the hospital staff. After this, the elderly waited for the cup of tea till 7:30. He was very tired. He himself took out the tubes from his hand, got up from the bed and reached the nearest tea stall. Seeing his condition, a man asked him what happened to him. So he replied, 'I am a corona patient and have come out here to drink tea.' He also told that he is not getting even a cup of tea in the hospital. There were 7 people standing at the tea stall. Who kept their cups on hearing this. Narayan tea stall owner says 'People drinking tea there did not even give me my money. I had to close my stall due to him. Then Narayan went and told the hospital administration about this. At around 8:05, the hospital staff took the elderly back to the ward. Relatives of the elderly person blamed the hospital administration.

The elderly person was also very angry. It took him 8 hours to shift from one hospital to another. Even made a bill of 1.5 lakh rupees, but not even a cup of tea was given to him. According to his relatives, he had complained of little fatigue and diarrhoea last Sunday. After which he was taken to the hospital. First, Rs 25,000 was deposited for admission to the hospital. When his report came on Tuesday, it was found that he had Corona. Private hospitalists issued a bill of 1.5 lakhs. After filling it, he got admitted in the government hospital.

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