Corona patients recovering rapidly in this state, decrease in number of infected
Corona patients recovering rapidly in this state, decrease in number of infected

Kochi: Interesting trend of Coronavirus is being seen in Kerala. While there is a steady increase in the number of corona patients in the entire country, the case in Kerala is completely opposite. Here the number of cases of corona seems to be decreasing compared to earlier. For the last one week, Kerala has achieved great success in reducing the number of active patients.

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If you look at the statistics, you will find that there are more number of people recovering. On April 6, there were 266 active cases in Kerala while the total number of cases here was 327. 59 people recovered so far. After that, the number of active cases has decreased rapidly as the number of people recovering has increased. On 7 April, the number of active cases was reduced to 263 and after that 71 people were recovered.

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The number of active cases on April 8 was 259, while the number of fixes was 84. On April 9, there were 258 active cases while 97 patients recovered. On April 10, it fell even further. On this day, there were 238 active cases while the number of those recovering was 124. On April 11, 228 active cases and 143 were cured, while on April 12, there were 194 active cases and 179 people recovered. There were a total of 375 infected cases in Kerala on April 12, of which 194 were active and 179 were recovery cases. These figures have been released by the Government of Kerala.

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