Corona rising in these countries of world including Nepal
Corona rising in these countries of world including Nepal

Washington: The havoc of Corona, which has been steadily increasing for the past several days, has become an enemy of innocent people's lives. Every day thousands of deaths are occurring worldwide due to this virus. The number of infected people is constantly increasing. Now the corona virus has also taken the form of an epidemic, after which the food shortage in the homes of people is increasing. Till now the death toll has crossed 3 lakh 13 thousand worldwide and still no break of this virus has been found.

Corona's attack on Pakistan, more than 1500 cases surfaced

Six new cases in Nepal, the number of infected is 273: According to Nepal Health Ministry, six new cases of Corona positive have been registered today. After this, the total number of infected cases in the country has increased to 273.

Trump says he does not want to talk to Xi Jinping yet: US President Donald Trump has indicated his displeasure with the Chinese leadership in dealing with the Coronavirus global epidemic, saying that he is not yet talking to his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. At a White House press conference, Trump was asked why he did not want to talk to Xi, in response, he said that I do not want to talk to him right now. We will see what happens in the coming time. According to the trade agreement earlier this year, China is buying more American goods than last year. Trump said that he is spending a lot on the trade deal, but my enjoyment on the trade deal has become a bit gritty, you can understand. Trump said that I do not want to talk about it. I can say that China is buying a lot of our products, but the trade agreement… It was not even ink dry yet that this corona virus came from China. So we are not happy.

Relief from lockdown in Spain and more than 90 deaths in France

1680 deaths in 24 hours in America: According to Johns Hopkins University statistics, there have been 1680 deaths in the last 24 hours from Corona in the US, with the total number of dead here has exceeded 87,000. Working with India on developing Corona vaccine: US President Donald Trump said on Friday that India and US are working together to develop Covid-19 vaccine, calling Indian-American a great scientist and researcher. Trump told reporters that Covid-19 vaccine is likely to be developed by the end of this year. He said that I have returned from India shortly before and we are working together with India.

Trump praised Indian-American scientists, researchers: US President Donald Trump praised Indian-American scientists and researchers for their efforts to develop drugs and vaccines to treat the deadly coronavirus. Working closely with India to deal with the global epidemic. He told reporters at the White House Rose Garden on Friday that there are a large number of Indians in America and many people are also working on developing vaccines. Great scientist and researcher. He was answering questions on the appreciation of the Indian-American community in the fight against the corona virus.

Corona hit again on China, figures of infected increases again

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