Countries fail to address climate literacy as a means of combating the crisis
Countries fail to address climate literacy as a means of combating the crisis

GLASGOW: With COP26 underway, now is the critical time for countries to commit to and prioritise formal climate education as a strategy for addressing the climate crisis. Independent research reports by EARTHDAY.ORG and Education International concluded that every country has failed to adequately address climate education and/or climate literacy in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

The greatest threat to humanity and the planet is the climate crisis. With little time left to turn things around, climate education has the potential to teach students how to assess risk, make informed consumer decisions, and adapt to a rapidly changing economy.

The Climate Literacy Campaign of EARTHDAY.ORG and the Teach for the Planet Campaign of Education International have been collaborating to transform education systems around the world so that students receive high-quality education and grow into informed and engaged environmental stewards.

"This is the time for countries to get their act together, just like any student on the verge of failing a class. We are in the midst of a climate disaster, and no country is immune to its consequences. We cannot afford for any country to fail to educate its citizens about climate change. Let us all work together, from teachers and students to the international community, to ensure that all countries pass the test "Christina Kwauk, a researcher, said.

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