The son who became an orphan with the misfortune of the parents
The son who became an orphan with the misfortune of the parents

Love is a confluence of two hearts. It was a wonderful experience. For that joy.. The eternal provision of the supplement is maturity. Marriage is the only way to make the experience of mamata into a ten-year-long love. They enjoyed both unique feelings. Lovers.. Then they became a lump and enjoyed affection. They built a beautiful life to see a good family. But.. Fate is not going to be silent.. She was going to separate them. Before she.. He snatched hrdayeshwari. But their bond of births is not  Priyasakhi is far away.. His heart soon moved to ward off his beloved. This affection has been shown to the world that love is this. But.. With the misfortune of the parents Their son was overwhelmed by the sea of sorrow.

Amirakki Manohar (56) and wife Surya Prabhavathi (48) of Amadalavasa in Srikakulam district live in the local Pandirappanna square in The Town of S. Kota. They both loved and married. Manohar S. Kota is the DO in lic office. 20 years ago, the S. Fort came and built his own house. They have a degree-studying son Ram Likhit. On Saturday night, at 1.30 pm, the wife Prabhavati went to the bathroom and fell suddenly. Noticed this, husband Manohar and son Ram Likhit brought out and informed 108 staff. The vehicle reached in a few seconds but it did not work. Prabhavati was confirmed dead. Husband Manohar collapsed shortly after the heart attack and died of the death of his wife. Ram Likhit was stunned when both husband and wife died for each other. The neighbors reached the tears. Shortly afterwards, LIC personnel came and informed the deceased's relatives. On Sunday morning, the funeral was completed for both the bodies.

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