Cylinder burst as soon as water poured on fire, many died
Cylinder burst as soon as water poured on fire, many died

Shahjahanpur: A fire broke out in a cylinder while cooking at a mandap ceremony at Village Vikrampur under the Kalan police station area of Shahjahanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Former pradhans of the village Munni Devi (65), Ganga Devi (70), Neelam (35) and Vandana (22) were charred to death. Three more people were also injured in the accident. They are undergoing treatment in hospitals in Bareilly and Badaun. The incident of the cylinder bursting in the village due to the preparation of Baraat took a major turn due to the nervousness of the women and lack of knowledge.

As soon as the same fire started, the women poured water in place of sand on the cylinder, and then the fire further flared up, which led to the loss of lives of four women one after another. Priyanka Yadav's Baraat was scheduled to come on Sunday. Priyanka's wedding was handled by her uncle Pradhan Omveer Yadav and Tau Ramautar Yadav. Priyanka's father Ram Niwas died long ago. After his death, The entire responsibility of Priyanka and her brother Alok was taken over by Omveer and Ramautar.

It was the same uncle and Tau who had fixed her marriage in Jaithra village. There was an atmosphere of happiness in the whole family due to the good relationship. The wedding was scheduled for June 3. Before that, Omveer and Ramautar had completed all the preparations. All the relatives were given cards, so most of the guests had come to Priyanka's wedding. The pavilion was decorated in the courtyard of the house. There was food for the guests. The women were engaged in the work of making besan for the mandap. It is being said that 3 cylinders were being used at the place where the accident took place. The stove was burning with one cylinder, the furnace from the other. Along with making besan, the women were also singing mangal songs. The drum was being played. As soon as the stove was lit by the third cylinder, the cylinder caught fire. When the flames came out of the cylinder, the women, instead of using mud or sand, poured the water from the buckets kept there on it, which caused the fire to break out. Thereafter, other cylinders also caught fire. Soon the whole house was on fire. Munni Devi, Neelam and Ganga Devi, who was sitting there, lost their lives on the spot due to the fire. While, Manorama, Alok and Vandana were also seriously injured. That's what caused a stir everywhere from this accident.

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