Delhi bomb blast mastermind killed, Hasan Syed was shot by 5 bullets outside his house

New Delhi: After 10 years, an Israeli diplomat was targeted in a car blast in Delhi in 2012. The plot of this terrorist attack was hatched by Colonel 'Hasan Syed Khodayari' of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Now it is reported that Israel's intelligence agency Mossad has killed Hassan after entering Iran's capital Tehran. Iran International has confirmed his death. He will be handed over to Tehran today on Tuesday (24 May 2022).

According to the information, this colonel was the main conspirator behind the attacks on several high profile Israeli diplomats. He had done a blast in Delhi in the year 2012, so that he could kill the Israeli diplomat. The diplomat's wife was injured in the attack and her driver and two other civilians also suffered minor injuries. The incident was followed by a series of bombings in Thailand to kill Israeli officials, which Khodayari was accused of. Along with this, his hand is also said in the murder and kidnapping of Israelis in Israel, Turkey, Kenya, Colombia and Cyprus.

Let us tell you that there is no official confirmation yet that Mossad has killed Hasan Syed. But, looking at the past records, it is being speculated that this work has been done by Israel's intelligence agency itself. At the same time, the President of Iran has also taken an oath that he will avenge the murder of Khodayari. According to reports, Hassan was shot outside his house. The attackers had come by bike. He shot 5 shots in Hasan's chest. By the time someone could reach there from around, the attackers had fled.

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