Air Quality in New Delhi Worsens After Dussehra celebrations
Air Quality in New Delhi Worsens After Dussehra celebrations

New Delhi: Dussehra festival has been celebrated with great fanfare in the capital. On this occasion, firecrackers were burnt here, but these firecrackers have brought the air quality to a worse condition. Yes, you would know that at the beginning of the season, the level of air pollution in Delhi was close to 200 AQI, which has risen to 400 on Monday morning. In fact, after 6 o'clock in the evening on Sunday, pollution was checked at 5 monitoring stations in the capital, which found double the level of air quality. Under the information received, Delhi's air has reached the ' critical ' category today.

In fact, the data released by the Delhi Pollution Control Committee was considered, according to which Delhi's Air Quality Index (AQI) was 405 today i.e. Well, it is said that this is the first time Delhi's air AQI has crossed 405 this season. G. In fact, the level of air quality in Delhi on Sunday was 352 AQI. However, officials said, the level of air pollution in areas like Rohini, Ito and Dwarka is also ' severe '. '

The air quality monitoring system of the Ministry of Earth Sciences , Safar, has said that some places have come under the category of ' serious ' air pollution, though gradually the wind speed will improve the situation. According to a website, Safar said, "Delhi's air quality is in a serious category and air pollution is very high at some places, but gradually it will go down. The main reason for this is the calm winds that started from tomorrow, which are expected to slowly catch pace by October 26. '

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