China's meat market on verge of closure after corona pandemic
China's meat market on verge of closure after corona pandemic

Wuhan: After nearly a month of lockdown due to global pandemic coronavirus, the meat market has reopened in China's central city of Wuhan. This virus has put a question mark ahead of their future because people are still scared because of the virus.

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The virus, which has infected 1.6 million people in 214 countries and killed 106,000 people, is said to have spread from animals sold at the Wuhan's fat market at the end of last year. These wet markets, considered a major part of China's daily life, have been investigated, yet few people sell wildlife. Some US officials have demanded the closure of such markets across Asia.

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A vegetable and meat seller of the wet market, when asked what she thinks about the demand to close the market, he said, 'This is a virus that spreads from person to person, and no matter where you are, Supermarkets are full of people. Whereas in these markets people are far away. If we are taking precautions and focusing on removing the infection, by then everything should be correct.

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